Towards a Realignment of the Left

The following article has been co-written by James Bloodworth, Martyn Hudson and Prof. Alan Johnson. The project that is proposed in this article is not one that has any direct links to Labour Internationalists as it is focussed on the wider political left and not just the UK Labour Party. However, the authors have agreed to have this posted on this site.

Some of us think a ‘Stop the War’ shaped, anti-western foreign policy is at best a useless pose and at worst a sell out of our natural allies around the world (democrats, liberals, feminists, free trade unionists, two-staters), and a betrayal of our deepest values (democracy, anti-totalitarianism, gender, sexual and racial equality, liberty, national self-determination, internationalism and human flourishing). This left looks to ‘proxy’ forces, like its Islamist and Stalinist friends, to win its battles for it, without understanding that these forces are the enemies of internationalism.

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An open letter to Jeremy Corbyn MP

This is an open letter from a group of Labour Party members and supporters who are concerned about the UK Labour Party’s drift away from its Internationalist foundations.European Socialist Logo

Dear Jeremy,

We write, as supporters of a progressive foreign policy, to urge you to reconsider your decision to attend the Stop The War Coalition (StWC) fundraiser on Friday 11th December.

We believe that StWC stands apart from the Labour movement’s values of Internationalism, anti-fascism and solidarity. The vast majority of Labour MPs who heard Hilary Benn’s powerful speech in parliament last week (regardless of how they voted), supported his broad argument that fascism must be defeated, and that the UK must be prepared to join coalitions to do this. Continue reading An open letter to Jeremy Corbyn MP